Behind the company

HelloPaisa international money transfer service allows you to send cash to countries across the world, in a manner that is fast, affordable, safe and easy to use.

With HelloPaisa, you can send cash instantly from South Africa and the United Kingdom to your loved ones back home.

Trusted choice

Hello Paisa is brought to you by the same people behind Hello Mobile – a revolutionary mobile network service provider trusted by thousands of migrants across South Africa.

Our track record guarantees the safety and efficiency of every cash transaction, because we’re passionate about your peace of mind.

The service we offer is 100% legal and completely secure; we’re one of just a few international companies that’s been issued with an SA Reserve Bank license to do what we do.

Our mission

We believe in empowering you. To give you the ability to look after your family. To protect them, feed them, help educate them, and to help build a better future for them.

We want to build products that cater to your needs and enables you to secure your hard earned cash in a safe and secure environment, making it easy to manage your funds. Whether it is to pay your bills, send money home instantly or do shopping with a swipe or online.

In short, making your life easier is our goals.

Hello Group

At Hello Group we try and solve basic problems by carefully crafting solutions and providing access to customers that very few companies have thought about. We do this by using technology in ways so that all of our customers can realize their true potential.

And that, my friends, is what Hello is all about.

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